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Family Economic Security Webinar Series

Announcing Two New Webinars from CFLeads!

Offered Exclusively to Community Foundation Professionals

Building Wealth in our own Backyards Learn More

This webinar will explore the importance of community wealth building – an approach to community health and development that advances locally rooted and broadly held ownership and is particularly beneficial to low- and moderate-income communities. It will outline how community foundations can partner with anchor institutions (hospitals, banks, universities, public schools and more) to support the growth of regional economies by investing, hiring and buying locally.

Children’s Savings Accounts: A Foothold for the FutureLearn More

This webinar will explore the importance of family asset development, present why children’s savings accounts (CSAs) matter to parents and children, and share what has been learned from more than 10 years of experience with CSA programs. It will provide insights on the role they can play in promoting children’s educational outcomes.