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2019/2020 Community Foundation Equity Network

Coming Soon: Check back here for updates, dates and application process for our next Community Foundation Equity Network!

The 2019-2020 Community Foundation Equity Network cohort is a year-long learning opportunity focused exclusively on equity. It was developed in response to community and national foundation interest in advancing equity and a desire among community foundations to better understand and make progress on the issue.

Built on the knowledge that peers learn best from each other, the 2019-2020 Community Foundation Equity Network will bring together six community foundation teams to work together over the course of a year to institutionalize the capacities needed to advance equity across organizational functions, and to advance equity in the community.

Who should participate in the 2019-2020 Community Foundation Equity Network? If your community foundation is prepared to have a team, including:

then we hope you will consider applying!

Your team would join the network for three meetings with like-minded peers over a year.

Updates and the application process will be posted soon.

For initial inquiries please contact Angela Brown at