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Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities in Brief

CFLeads offers a wide range of learning opportunities to help community foundations strengthen individual leaders, build organizational capacity, and address critical issues. Want to learn more? Contact Caroline Merenda, at or
800-292-6149 ext. 610

Community Leadership Network (CLN) Learn More

Action-oriented, cumulative, peer-learning networks. CLNs provide sustained forums for groups of 6–12 community foundation teams to work together over 12–16 months to build their capacity, explore new approaches and share promising practices. Each team has 2–6 participants consisting of the CEO and at least one board member. The CLN is based on the Framework of Community Leadership by a Community Foundation, which provides a definition of community leadership by a community foundation and lays out the practices that are important for a community foundation that is aggressively pursuing a community leadership role.

Issue Network Learn More

An Evaluation of the Chronic Absence Network

Learn More

A cross-sector network made up of 4-8 community teams (including a community foundation) with a shared interest in addressing a particular issue. CFLeads partners with a substantive expert. Multi-meeting, in-person format.

Executive Leadership Institute Learn More

A one-year intensive learning opportunity tailored specifically for community foundation CEOs and VPs who are eager to more effectively address difficult community leadership challenges in their communities. The program consists of three, small group, face-to-face meetings; one-on-one sessions with special advisors with significant experience in the field; and help with a self-identified challenge.

CEO Visits by CFLeads Learn More

An opportunity to connect community foundation boards to the most promising and effective community leadership practices from across the country. The program is designed to showcase the work of innovative leaders in the community foundation field and provide ideas and motivation to community foundation boards as they look to deepen and accelerate their foundation's impact.