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Interested in Joining the Second Cohort
of the Community Foundation Equity Network?

Join CFLeads Staff and Community Foundation Leaders
from our First Cohort to Learn More
about this Transformational Opportunity

Tuesday, November 20, Noon Eastern

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This webinar will introduce interested community foundation teams to CFLeads’ Community Foundation Equity Network. You’ll learn about the structure of the network, the application process for the second cohort, and hear from members of the first cohort about their experiences.


Network Overview
Deborah Ellwood, President and CEO, CFLeads
Hear about how the Network has been structured, the content partners and the arc of learning.

Insights from First Equity Network Cohort
Learn about the progress from some participants of the first cohort of the Equity Network and how their engagement in the Network helped them advance their work.

Application Process
Angela Brown, Vice President of Program and Policy, CFLeads
Get the details on application requirements, deadlines and meeting dates.

Curated Q&A based on audience questions submitted online via chat.