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CEO Visits by CFLeads

Ready to Move into High Gear on Community Leadership?

This dynamic group of community foundation CEOs is available to help you expand your vision, align your resources and empower your board and staff to strengthen your foundation’s community leadership role.

A visit from one of these visionaries will help you, your board and staff deepen and accelerate your impact by connecting you to the most promising and effective community leadership practices from across the country.

Contact Caroline Merenda, Program Director, at or
(800) 292-6149 ext. 610, to learn more about facilitating a CEO visit to your community foundation in 2012.

Visiting CEOs

  • Emmett D. Carson

    Emmett D. Carson (bio)
    Chief Executive Officer
    Silicon Valley Community Foundation

  • Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker

    Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker (bio)
    Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

  • Michael M. Howe

    Paul S. Gogan (bio)
    President and CEO
    The Boston Foundation

  • Michael M. Howe

    Michael M. Howe (bio)
    Howe & Associates

  • Felecia L. Jones

    Felecia L. Jones (bio)
    Executive Director
    Black Belt Community Foundation

  • Steven Joul

    Steven Joul (bio)
    Central Minnesota Community Foundation

  • Jennifer Leonard

    Jennifer Leonard (bio)
    President and Executive Director
    Rochester Area Community Foundation

  • Kelly Ryan Lucas

    Kelly Ryan Lucas (bio)
    Incourage Community Foundation

  • Terence Mulligan

    Terence Mulligan (bio)
    Napa Valley Community Foundation

  • Richard Ober

    Richard Ober (bio)
    President and CEO
    New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

  • Grant Oliphant

    Grant Oliphant (bio)
    President and CEO
    The Pittsburgh Foundation

  • Peter Pennekamp

    Peter Pennekamp (bio)
    Executive Director Emeritus
    Humboldt Area Foundation

  • Nancy Van Milligen

    Nancy Van Milligen (bio)
    President and CEO
    Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

  • Thomas E. Wilcox

    Thomas E. Wilcox (bio)
    President and C.E.O.
    Baltimore Community Foundation

  • Jeffrey Yost

    Jeffrey Yost (bio)
    President and CEO
    Nebraska Community Foundation