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Widening the Tent: Building Relationships for Community Leadership
Originally presented June 11, 2009

Description: Fundamental to a community foundation's ability to catalyze and unite its community for a better tomorrow is its success in nurturing and employing a wide range of relationships – with donors, board members, nonprofits, civic heads, neighborhood leaders, funders, public officials and more.

Join a free webinar to hear how the Baltimore Community Foundation and The Denver Foundation are building relationships that maximize community involvement and strengthen the foundations' capacity for community leadership. Our presenters – both members of the National Task Force on Community Leadership – will describe approaches for tapping board members, donors and their networks in community leadership work, nurturing new leaders, and engaging those most affected in community problem-solving.

This is the second webinar highlighting essential elements of the Community Leadership Framework. Click here to view the first webinar, on the Framework's building block on Values, Culture and Will.

Lauren Casteel, Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships, The Denver Foundation
Thomas E. Wilcox, President & CEO, Baltimore Community Foundation


  1. Webinar #2 Presentation (9.9MB PowerPoint)
  2. “CooL Tools” (resources shared by presenters)
    The Denver Foundation’s Inclusiveness Project:

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Webinar #2
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