Community foundations learn from each other and from leaders in the equity space, including Manuel Pastor (pictured) from the University of Southern California.
Community foundations across the country are working to reduce racial inequities in their communities.

The importance of equity is becoming an increasing focus in the field of philanthropy. The ultimate goal of an equity practice is to eliminate the outcome disparities in society — many of which exist due to deep-rooted issues in our systems and institutions. 

To tackle these disparities, we must first understand why they exist in the first place. In the United States, many of the inequitable outcomes we see in communities across the country today are connected to race. 

Currently, we work with community foundations on equity issues through our Equity Network and Coalition for Inclusive Communities. Learn more by visiting our program pages below.

Large group of people at tables

Equity Network

The Equity Network is comprised of community foundations working to institutionalize the capacities needed to advance racial equity in their organizations and in their communities.

Group of people sitting around a tabl with a slideshow behind them

Coalition for Inclusive Communities

Building on our Equity Network, the Coalition for Inclusive Communities is comprised of community foundations working to advance workplace equity in their communities.

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