Building Broader Communities in the Americas

Building Broader Communities in the Americas
The Building Broader Communities in the Americas group on community site visits in Malinalco, Mexico. Photo by Andrea Dicks.
Today communities across the Americas face a series of challenges and opportunities. How can we best work together to address the root causes of migration, promote widely shared prosperity and peacefully co-exist with our neighbors?

A collaboration of community foundations and partner organizations are working together to explore this question through the Building Broader Communities in the Americas (BBCA) initiative. Led by CFLeads in partnership with the Inter-American Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, BBCA’s mission is to build stronger, smarter and more resilient communities throughout the Americas by enhancing the effectiveness of community foundations’ responsiveness to them.

We believe this can be done by establishing a relationship-building network of peer organizations across the Americas that is focused on deepening their understanding of and engagement with transnational communities’ lived experiences. While community foundations are the main focus of our work, we welcome other institutions working to understand and strengthen transnational communities.

Desired Outcomes

  • Enhance participants’ understanding of transnational communities in the hemisphere.
  • Strengthen relationships among community foundations and transnational stakeholders to solve common problems.
  • Increase knowledge about community foundation practices that can support transnational communities.
  • Encourage more effective cross-border giving.

Current Activities

The BBCA draws participants from the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is in the process of expanding deeper into these nations, as well as further into Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Together, the BBCA will focus on the following activities over the next two years:

  1. Deepening the impact of mapping efforts on both sides of the border through peer learning and support of post-mapping initiatives.
  2. Seeking out ways to expand cross-border community foundation-to-community foundation philanthropy.
  3. Continuing to support regular convenings of participants.
  4. Developing a collaborative study that captures what we have learned so far about transitional community and community foundation best practices.


Get Involved

By working together, we can establish meaningful relationships among community foundations across the hemisphere and foster international collaboration. If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, please contact Caroline Merenda at

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