Executive Leadership Institute for CEOs and Board Pairs

Executive Leadership Institute for CEOs and Board Pairs
We created the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) for community foundation leaders in response to growing recognition in the field that the practice of community leadership requires specific skills and strategies.

As communities across the country face increasing challenges and competing needs, community foundations are stepping up, leveraging their many assets to work with residents and partners across sectors to tackle tough issues. 

ELI is a year-long learning opportunity that focuses exclusively on community leadership for community foundation CEOs and board pairs. Over the year, ELI cohorts meet three times for two-day small group meetings which includes time for structured peer advising – always a big hit with our participants! 

I was astonished by how much progress each leader made during a time period that was very challenging to navigate. My colleagues are inspirational as they continued pressing forward despite so many reasons or excuses to stop.
ELI for CEOs 2020 participant

CFLeads has received significant interest from board members that have participated in other CFLeads programming, as well as CEOs that have previously participated in ELI, in an intensive learning opportunity on community leadership that includes both a CEO and a board member.

Based on our extremely popular ELI for CEOs, the ELI for CEOs and Board Pairs pilot is being offered in response to this need from the field and will focus on strengthening community leadership practice.

ELI for CEOs and Board Pairs is an intensive learning experience for CEOs and one board member (preferably the Board Chair or Chair-Elect) to develop shared language and understanding of the core concepts of community leadership, thereby helping their institutions to step up, be bolder and lead change — a change that builds strong, resilient communities where all people can thrive.

Apply for the ELI for CEOs and Board Pairs 2022 Cohort

To learn more and apply for this unique learning opportunity, please visit this link and submit your application by Friday, August 12, 2022.

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