Community Leadership Resources

Community Leadership Resources
Together with the community foundation field, we have compiled research, case studies, webinars, and examples––all on the topic of community leadership and all designed to help you effectively create community impact.

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We can turn the tide on gun violence

How can we help to create a new “normal” through philanthropy?

Working Toward Shared Prosperity in Rochester, NY

El mapeo de nuestra comunidad transnacional

Mapping our Transnational Communities

The Current State of Gun Violence in the U.S.

¿Por qué el trabajo transnacional?

The Case for Transnational Work

How Community Foundations are Adopting ABFE’s Imperatives for Philanthropy

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations – Influencing Public Policy & Systems

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations – Amplifying Community Voice

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations – Insisting on Racial Equity

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations – Project Findings

Introducing our new web portal Going All In!

BBCA Summer 2020 Newsletter / Verano 2020 Boletín

CFLeads Investors Step Up to Respond to COVID-19

Stepping Up

Community Connection in Times of Crisis – Webinars

Reimagining corporate cultures in Greater Dubuque

Mobilizing a women of color talent pool for tech jobs in the Twin Cities