Community Leadership Resources

Community Leadership Resources
Together with the community foundation field, we have compiled research, case studies, webinars, and examples––all on the topic of community leadership and all designed to help you effectively create community impact.

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Giving Circles: A Powerful Path to Community Impact at Your Institution

Community Leadership Compass

Executive Leadership Institute – Program Overview

Community Leadership Field Guide

Economic Mobility Action Network – Capstone Video

Christian Paige Poem

Responding to ARPA Funding: What’s Our Role?

Four Ways to Support our Immigrant Communities in 2022

Defunding Hate: How Community Foundations Can Avoid Funding Hate Groups

Community foundations step up to reduce child poverty

Community Philanthropy: A conversation across the Americas

Advancing Economic Mobility in our Communities

Gun Violence Prevention Network – Info Session

A Mexican Community Foundation Talks About Fostering Community Engagement

Guía para fundaciones comunitarias: Proyectos de Mapeo

Community Foundation Mapping Guide

We can turn the tide on gun violence

How can we help to create a new “normal” through philanthropy?

Working Toward Shared Prosperity in Rochester, NY

El mapeo de nuestra comunidad transnacional