Issues We Work On

Issues We Work On
Fred Blackwell from the San Francisco Foundation listens as Nelson Colon from the Puerto Rico Community Foundation shares his experience rebuilding after Hurricane Maria.
We work with community foundations to galvanize action around critical issues of our time through unique peer networks and events.

Our issues-based work takes many forms, from multi-meeting learning networks to single day symposiums and online webinars. The issues we work on are ever-evolving as different priorities arise for communities across the country. This page features a few of the issues we are currently focused on.

We are also grateful to have a network of community foundations willing to share their experiences around a wide range of issues with their peers. These stories will be featured on our blog.

Connecting Communities in the Americas

At CCA, we connect community foundations across the Americas to foster trust and promote resilience in ever-growing transnational communities.

Economic Mobility

Community foundations can play an important role in improving the economic well-being of families in their community.

Manuel Pastor in front of a presentation on screen


Community foundations across the country are working to reduce racial inequities in their communities.

Diverse group of friends cleanup a park during a charity event. They are standing with their arms around one another.

Gun Violence Prevention

Just like COVID-19, gun violence is a public health issue. When it comes to everyday violence, exposure to gun violence is the primary driver of more gun violence.

Previous Issue Learning

Learn more about the issues and topics CFLeads has worked on in the past.