Peer Learning

Peer Learning
Peer learning is at the core of what we offer to community foundations.

We believe that the most effective way for community foundations to develop their community leadership skills is to learn from others in the field. While every community is different, community foundations themselves share a lot of similarities that allow for the transfer of knowledge, skills, resources and learning from one community foundation to the next.

To facilitate this, we offer a wide range of peer learning opportunities to help community foundations strengthen individual leaders, build organizational capacity and address critical issues.

Develop community leadership skills

Our introductory Setting the Table course and year-long Executive Leadership Institute were designed to make community foundation staff, board and leadership comfortable with the concept of community leadership and prepared to incorporate it into their work. We also present community leadership at meetings, conferences, and workshops.

Take action on critical issues

Our peer learning networks, which we have refined over a decade, are interactive, experience-driven, team-based and action-oriented. These issue networks create opportunities for community foundations to apply their community leadership work to specific issues facing their communities. We also offer webinars and meetings focused on issues.

Below are the peer learning opportunities that we currently offer or are offered on an ongoing basis at CFLeads. To see what’s coming up, visit our Events Calendar.

Setting the Table

A unique introductory course designed to build the skills, knowledge and resources of community foundation staff to deepen their community leadership practice.

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Executive Leadership Institute

The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) is a year-long learning opportunity that focuses exclusively on community leadership for community foundation leaders.

Issue Networks

Our unique issue networks provide community foundations with the opportunity to apply their community leadership work to specific issues.

Fall Forum

Our Fall Forum for CFLeads investors is offered every two years.