Our team is based out of Boston, MA with remote offices in New York state. You can reach us using the coordinates below during regular office hours.

CFLeads is continuously working towards greater equity, both within our organization and with community foundations across the country. We are committed to hiring staff who enrich our work through their diverse perspectives and experiences, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and religion, as well as professional and life experience.

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Len Bartel, Vice President of Learning and Impact (Capacity-Building)

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Len believes that community foundations are critical to reimagining the commonwealth and advancing equity. As Vice President of Learning and Impact (Capacity-Building), he develops approaches and frameworks that advance community foundation learning, assess and refine current learning opportunities, and promote a culture of reflection, learning and continuous improvement.

Leonard Brock, Vice President of Learning and Impact (Issues)

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Leonard Brock believes closing the racial wealth gap is the civil rights and social justice fight of the 21st century. As Vice President of Learning and Impact (Issues), Brock leads CFLeads’ Economic Mobility Action Network by facilitating shared learning and understanding, identifying content expertise to help deepen the knowledge of participants, and creating a safe space for community foundations to learn from each other as they work to advance economic mobility in their communities.

Deborah A. Ellwood, President and CEO

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Deborah believes that community foundations are uniquely positioned to be vital partners in building strong communities and she is passionate about helping the field be all it can be. As President and CEO of CFLeads, she guides the strategic direction of the organization and builds alliances that help community foundations deepen their impact.

Alaina Ennamorati, Program Coordinator

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Alaina believes in community foundations’ impactful role as leaders, listeners, and partners with community change-makers. As Project Coordinator, she coordinates and supports CFLeads’ project and program logistics.

Lisette Holmes, Senior Director of Finance and Administration

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Lisette believes that advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion should be a mission for every community. Through her 15 years of experience working with community foundations, she learned first-hand that community foundations are uniquely structured to support this advancement due to their relationships with local nonprofits and governments. As the Senior Director of Finance and Administration, she will support the financial operations at CFLeads, adhering to the highest quality of accounting and reporting standards that provide transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Enida Jeteric, Program Coordinator

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Enida believes that community foundations are fundamental partners that serve to listen, support, and engage communities to work towards a more equitable and prosperous society. With previous programming experience at a Florida-based community foundation, Enida currently serves as a Program Coordinator with CFLeads assisting in the planning and execution of various programs and projects.

Melody MacLean, Director of Communications

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Melody believes in the power of community foundations to make a difference on issues that matter, both locally and globally. As the Director of Communications, she sets and guides the overall vision and strategy for CFLeads’ communications efforts, including its website, brand, and marketing.

Caroline Merenda, Chief of Staff

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Caroline cares deeply about the issues facing our communities and has seen first-hand how community foundations can make a difference. As the Chief of Staff at CFLeads, Caroline manages the internal operations of the organization and supports a high level of engagement in our learning opportunities.

Rachel Reiss, Communications Associate

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Rachel believes that some of the most transformative impacts in communities are spearheaded and supported by community foundations. As the Communications Associate, she supports and implements CFLeads’ communications strategies including website, emails, digital media, and public relations outreach.