CFLeads is a tax-exempt, public philanthropy-serving organization and a registered 501(c)3.


CFLeads was established in 1994 as the National Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth, a supporting organization of The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. The organization became CFLeads (Community Foundations Leading Change) in 2007 and became an independent entity in 2017.


In the last five years, CFLeads has increased its assets from $212,777 in 2017 to approximately $9.4 million by the end of 2022. This has allowed the organization to increase its program offerings and reach a wider audience of community foundation staff and leadership.

This growth was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of CFLeads’ community foundation investors, private foundation support, and an unsolicited grant from MacKenzie Scott in 2021.


CFLeads is dedicated to leading with operational excellence and adheres to the highest standards to operate with transparency. Please see below for CFLeads’ most recent financial documents.

Form 990s

Financial Statements