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Dear community foundation colleage,

What a year it has been. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the protests for racial justice to natural disaster after natural disaster, our communities have faced countless challenges and calls to action.

It has been a tough year – and you have stepped up. Across the country, community foundations like yours have raised and distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in response to the public health crisis and economic devastation. Collectively, you have been full-throated about the need for racial equity and have mobilized around disaster relief – all while continuing to serve the ongoing needs of your communities.

Hundreds of you also took time out of your incredibly busy days to support and connect with your peers through our Community Connection in Times of Crisis webinar series, learning from each other as we collectively navigated our “new normal.” Together, you helped maintain that unique trusting space that CFLeads is known for, even in a virtual environment.

You also helped us launch Going All In, a once-in-a-decade research project that captured the state of the community foundation field and documented three areas of momentum: insisting on racial equity, amplifying community voice and influencing public policy and systems. Your valuable insights and input helped to create a field-driven roadmap that can guide community foundations as they continue to tackle the overlapping crises facing our communities.

It is thanks to the generous financial investment of community foundations that CFLeads is able to support the field by providing this kind of peer connection and field leadership. We are writing today to encourage you to make an investment in CFLeads.

By investing in CFLeads, you are helping the field:

  • Lift up a collective vision: We highlight close to a hundred examples of community leadership across three areas of momentum on our Going All In web portal and lift up other examples driven by your common experiences and perspectives through our blog, webinars and peer learning opportunities.
  • Build its community leadership muscle: Community foundations of all sizes can strengthen their community leadership capacity through our unparalleled Executive Leadership Institute for CEOs and VPs, adapted for a virtual environment. We also offer an Introduction to Community Leadership course, the perfect starting point for staff or board members who are just beginning their community leadership journey.
  • Align around important issues: Community foundations can dive deep on critical community issues through our signature issue networks, which have been refined over a decade and offer a unique combination of deep peer learning and content expertise. We will continue to offer our transformative Equity Network and pilot Economic Mobility Action Network in the new year, and look forward to launching additional opportunities for community foundations to engage around issues, including through lighter-touch webinars and symposia.
  • Share successes and challenges: Community foundations can share their successes, challenges and learnings with their peers across the country through our interactive webinars and our blog created by and for the community foundation field. Community foundations can also now measure their community leadership progress, thanks to metrics developed by Candid in collaboration with CFLeads.

Investors receive discounts to our programming and exclusive access to certain opportunities, including grants offered in partnership with national foundations. Investors also receive an invitation to our biennial Fall Forum for community foundation CEOs and board chairs, which will take place again in 2021.

Suggested Investment

We recognize that this has been a volatile year for community foundations. While we are not a membership organization, investments from community foundations like yours are invaluable in helping both your foundation and the entire field develop and strengthen its community leadership capacity. Any contribution is welcome and encouraged, though we have identified suggested investments based on asset size below.

Asset SizeInvestment
Less than $25 million$500 to $1,000
$25 million to $100 million$1,000 to $5,000
$101 million to $500 million$5,000 to $10,000
More than $500 million$10,000 to $25,000

Contributions can be made online or by mail. Please make checks payable to CFLeads and send to:

PO Box 509
Accord, MA 02018

Thank you in advance for your support.


Deborah A. Ellwood
President and CEO
Ellen M. Gilligan
Board Chair