Gun Violence Prevention Network

Gun Violence Prevention Network
Members of the Gun Violence Prevention Network in Milwaukee.
Our Gun Violence Prevention Network brings community foundation teams together to build a base of knowledge in effective gun violence prevention practice and advance these practices in the communities they serve.

This Network is designed to catalyze and expand local gun violence prevention by learning about and adapting best practices from across the country. Participating community foundations also work together to apply a racial equity lens to their gun violence prevention initiatives.   

Community foundations that participate in our Gun Violence Prevention Network will leave with: 

  • An energized, committed internal team that is working effectively together on gun violence prevention strategies and plans;
  • A better understanding of effective gun violence prevention practices;
  • A general understanding of local gun violence data;
  • A blueprint to start or expand local gun violence prevention activities; and
  • Strong peer connections to draw upon in the future.

Cohort 1 (2021-22)

The first cohort of the  Gun Violence Prevention Network was  managed by CFLeads  and funded by the California Wellness Foundation. It ran for a year between Fall 2021 and 2022.

Cohort Members

The following community foundations participated in the first Gun Violence Prevention Network cohort:


The Network, which was comprised of four community foundation teams that include CEOs, senior staff and community partners, worked together over a year to learn about the different methods of gun violence prevention and identify a cohesive strategy appropriate for their own community.

The Network was guided by national gun violence prevention experts and speakers who provided substantive information on current research and best practices, connected teams to resources, and provided one-on-one content advice.

Content Partner

We were pleased to work with our content partner for this Network, Reginald (Reggie) Moore, Director of Violence Prevention Policy and Engagement for the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Injury Center.

For more than five years, Reggie Moore led a community-driven process and convened multi-sector partners to launch and implement The Blueprint for Peace, a comprehensive gun violence prevention initiative in Milwaukee. He joined the Medical College of Wisconsin this past spring and grounds his work in the understanding of violence as a public health matter. 

As our content partner, Moore helped network participants learn about and apply specific gun violence prevention best practices.

Cohort 2 (2024)

Community foundation teams in the second Gun Violence Prevention Network include:

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