Family Economic Security Action Alliance

Family Economic Security Action Alliance

The Family Economic Security Action Alliance brought together nine community foundation teams from across the country in 2017-2018 to further an agenda that helped low-income families increase their financial self-sufficiency and stability. Developed in partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Alliance helped community foundations drive local, regional and state action on behalf of low-income families.

About the FES Alliance

The Alliance focused on two main topics – asset development (particularly children’s savings accounts) and community wealth building (through job creation, entrepreneurship, and connections to anchor institutions) though each Alliance team addressed its own specific challenge within that theme. 

These topics were selected to take full advantage of community foundation strengths, be of value to community foundations of all sizes and from all parts of the country, test innovations, and because they are of interest to community foundations already working in the area of family economic security.


  • Teams from 6-8 community foundations from across the country, with CEO, board members, senior staff members, and community partners.
  • Three 2-day institutes held in a retreat setting.
  • 12- 14-month timeframe.
  • Content customized with the assistance of two national content partners with expertise in the two topic areas.
  • Structured time for each foundation to work on building, refining and testing approaches that could be applied by other communities.
  • National symposium in early 2018 with participants, project funders, national foundations and partners to share progress and learning.

Desired Outcomes

  • Alliance members will increase their knowledge of specific family economic security topics.
  • Alliance members will connect with like-minded peers with whom they can call on for information, advice, and support on FES.
  • Alliance members will make progress on advancing the adoption of specific programs and policies that help low-income families.
  • A better understanding of the effectiveness of and most feasible ways to pursue asset development and community wealth building to improve the economic security of low-income families.


Family Asset Building Cohort

This cohort explored how to build family assets through Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs).

Community Wealth Building Cohort

This cohort explored how to build community wealth through job creation, entrepreneurship, and building connections to anchor institutions.



This report presents the major findings of an evaluation of the effectiveness of the 2017-18 CFLeads Family Economic Security Action Alliance (FES Action Alliance).