Evaluation of the Chronic Absence Network

In partnership with Attendance Works, CFLeads implemented a Chronic Absence Network with community teams in California to promote reading proficiency and better school performance in the early grades by reducing chronic absence and creating a local culture of regular school attendance.

The attached evaluation found the following:

  • The goals of the Chronic Absence Network were met and “a new innovative model has been developed which has the potential to have a ripple effect across the country if it can be successfully replicated and brought to scale”.
  • Community foundation staff played a strong role in advancing the work. According to Hedy Chang of Attendance Works, “It was important having community foundations as partners. They valued the work and kept it going. The community foundations played a central role and helped to sustain the change over time. They were ongoing champions from outside the school district raising the flag around chronic absence.”
  • The Chronic Absence Network is affecting other areas of work at the participating community foundations and is helping to inform other initiatives in the community. In addition, community foundations are sharing resources and are being viewed as resources.