Connecting Communities in the Americas

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Transnational communities, or those whose residents have a sense of “home” in more than one country, are often invisible — in public policy decisions, in news media, and even in community foundation programming. Launched in 2016 by community foundations and partner institutions, Connecting Communities in the Americas (CCA)’s mission is to build stronger, smarter and more resilient communities throughout the Americas by enhancing the effectiveness of community foundations’ responsiveness to them.

We believe this can be done by establishing a network of peer organizations across the Americas focused on deepening their understanding of and engagement with transnational communities’ lived experiences. While community foundations are the main focus of our work, we welcome other institutions working to understand and strengthen transnational communities.

Note: CCA was formerly known as Building Broader Communities in the Americas (BBCA). The initiative rebranded in early 2021.

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Connecting Communities in the Americas

At CCA, we connect community foundations across the Americas to foster trust and promote resilience in ever-growing transnational communities.

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CCA Mapping Project

The CCA Mapping Project is an ongoing initiative available to any community foundation in the United States, Canada or Latin America and the Caribbean.