CCA Mapping Project

CCA Mapping Project
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At Connecting Communities in the Americas (CCA), we believe that mapping research is an effective way for community foundations to begin to understand our transnational communities. Knowing the demographic, cultural, institutional and economic relationships that tie regions together can help community foundations:

  • Connect with other transnational efforts already active in our communities (service organizations, diaspora organizations, remittance flows, etc.);  
  • Design and support programs, policies, and systems that more effectively meet the needs of our residents; 
  • Partner with other community foundations towards common goals; 
  • Uncover potential donors and other partners in strengthening our communities; 
  • Help corporations that are doing business across the Americas to be more effective in strengthening their social responsibility goals; 
  • Inform our actions as they promote greater mutual understanding and equity in our increasingly diverse communities. 

2021 Mapping Project Grant Recipients

Completed Mapping Projects

The CCA mapping projects of 2017 and 2018 were possible thanks to the Inter-American Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and to the participating community foundations who contributed with their own funding and/or in-kind support. 

Below are links to the eleven mapping reports from the 2017 and 2018 cohorts, in alphabetical order by place.

Completed CCA Mapping Projects

Mapping reports completed through the Connecting Communities in the Americas Mapping Project.

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