CCA Mapping Project

CCA Mapping Project
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At Connecting Communities in the Americas (CCA), we believe that mapping research is an effective way for community foundations to begin to understand our transnational communities. Knowing the demographic, cultural, institutional and economic relationships that tie regions together can help community foundations:

  • Connect with other transnational efforts already active in our communities (service organizations, diaspora organizations, remittance flows, etc.);  
  • Design and support programs, policies, and systems that more effectively meet the needs of our residents; 
  • Partner with other community foundations towards common goals; 
  • Uncover potential donors and other partners in strengthening our communities; 
  • Help corporations that are doing business across the Americas to be more effective in strengthening their social responsibility goals; 
  • Inform our actions as they promote greater mutual understanding and equity in our increasingly diverse communities. 

2021 Mapping Project Grant Recipients & Reports

Ayití Community Trust

Ayití Community Trust, in partnership with the Haitian American Professionals Coalition, documents the mapping of 19 Haitian professional organizations in the South Florida area through their report, Connecting Haitian Communities in South Florida. The report explores the ways in which a network to enhance the Haitian American community’s collective strengths in Southern Florida can lead to improved socioeconomic outcomes and impacts for Haitians in the U.S. and Ayiti.

Download Report: English | Kreyol (Creole) 

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

In their report, Mapping Relationships of Immigrant Populations, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque provides insights into how information is shared within three of Dubuque’s largest immigrant populations, with the goal of helping local stakeholders identify opportunities for improved communication and avoid potential pitfalls.

Download Report: English | Spanish

Immigration Community Assessment: An Implementation Guide for the Communities of Dubuque and Northeast Iowa

Download Full Report: English

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation focused their mapping project on the immigration population in Fairfield County, CT.

Download Report: English & Spanish

Fundación Internacional de la Comunidad

Fundación Internacional de la Comunidad explored how they can create healthier environments for migrant children who participate in Monarch Circles (Círculos Monarca para la Infancia Migrante, in Spanish) and improve experiences of solidarity and empathy among adult women.

Download Report: English | Spanish

Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis (ICOM)

In their Vital Signs report, Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis focuses on international migration and highlights the need for transversality and community in the work with immigrants in the city of Florianópolis.

Download Report: English | Portuguese

San Antonio Area Foundation

The San Antonio Area Foundation focused its mapping project on the Latino population in central Texas.

Download Report: English

Tabôa Fortalecimento Comunitária

Tabôa Fortalecimento Comunitária analyzed the migratory flow to Serra Grande (Uruçuca, Bahia, Brazil) to understand the profile of migrants and possibilities for engaging them in community initiatives to promote sustainable local development. In their report, Migrant Mapping in Serra Grande, Tabôa reflects on the categories of newcomers, natives, non-natives and alternatives, understanding that the community forming in the territory is complex and represents many social identities.

Download Report: English | Portuguese

Past Mapping Projects

Thank you to the Inter-American Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for making these mapping projects possible and to the participating community foundations who contributed with their own funding and/or in-kind support.

Please follow the link below to see the 2017 – 2018 mapping reports.

Past CCA Mapping Projects

Mapping reports completed through the Connecting Communities in the Americas Mapping Project.

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