Economic Mobility Regional Convening – Pennsylvania

Economic Mobility Regional Convening – Pennsylvania

Collaborative Philanthropy-Serving Organizations

On the heels of an inaugural Economic Mobility Regional Convening in New York, CFLeads’ Economic Mobility team incorporated lessons and reflections into the engaging convening in State College, Pennsylvania on May 16.

Staff from 11 community foundations representing each corner of Pennsylvania and surrounding state lines gathered to receive information on the practical application of Public Goods and experience peer learning opportunities.

Five Key Highlights

  1. Ample opportunities for participants, Public Good partners, and staff to network at both the reception and times incorporated in the agenda.
  2. Public good partners’ presentations have been received very well and participants are enthusiastic about putting them to use.
  3. Through use of pre-event survey responses and many conversations, the convening agenda was very locally focused with speakers, data, and overall content to strategically meet the needs of the audience while allowing space for additional topics to rise.
    • Emphasis placed on economic mobility topics communities are facing challenges with or see opportunity in, including housing, workforce development, and policy- including the courage to move forward.
  4. Panelists provided immersive storytelling, data, and authentic connection to the audience.
  5. Roles of community foundations explored to showcase success as convener, “a glue that holds partnerships together.”

Importance of Collaboration

One of the most impactful components of these regional convenings is the opportunity to collaborate with Philanthropy-Serving Organizations (PSOs). In Syracuse, New York, CFLeads partnered with the New York Funders Alliance (NYFA) who were integral to logistics, outreach to panelists, and the integration of relevant regional data and stories.

We are so appreciative of CFLeads’ ongoing partnership and engagement with New York’s community foundation network. We are seeing the continuing impact daily as convening attendees reach out to explore more opportunities to connect in person and share their economic mobility initiatives across our statewide funder network.”
New York Funders Alliance (NYFA)

To amplify the convening in State College, CFLeads’ partnered with the Pennsylvania Community Foundation Association whose president, Mike Batchelor, connected with local experts in housing and workforce development to serve as panelists. Following the convening, Bachelor stated that he received positive feedback from participants and he’s excited to continue partnership with CFLeads. From this opportunity to grow together, future collaboration may provide a variety of impactful program offerings for community foundations in Pennsylvania.

Economic Mobility Regional Convening – Midwest

The next regional convening will take place in Wichita, KS, welcoming community foundation staff from Kansas and surrounding states (please click the button below for more information). CFLeads is grateful to be part of another collaborative PSO partnership with Kansas Association of Community Foundations to host the convening and looks forward to what’s possible when venture out of our silos and create together.