2024 CCA Gathering

2024 CCA Gathering

We are excited to have the next CCA Gathering in Cedar Rapids-Dubuque, Iowa, hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque on September 16-17!

This year’s CCA Gathering has a focus on community leadership across the Americas.

  • What internal work are we doing to better engage in meaningful community partnerships?
  • How have we adjusted our policies to better address community priorities?
  • How are we collaborating in this work?

About Cedar Rapids and Dubuque (pronounced duh-bioók)

Located in the rural heartland of the United States, these two towns are on the Cedar and Mississippi Rivers in eastern Iowa, near Wisconsin and Illinois. The Cedar Rapids airport is connected to most airline hubs in the U.S. and is where we will spend Monday, September. On Tuesday, we’ll spend the day traveling to site visits in Dubuque, returning to Cedar Rapids in the evening.

About the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

This year’s host has been participating in both CFLeads and the Connecting Communities in the Americas initiative for several years now and has been an inspiring leader in inclusive, welcoming and equitable practices. You can read some of their work in:

Registration Information

To encourage welcoming and affordable participation to all, CCA does not charge a registration fee to community foundation personnel, and a small fee to other participants. We do, however, have limited space because of this. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lisa Schalla at lschalla@cfleads.org. We also invite our participants to share in panel discussions and other sessions.

Hotel Reservations

We will be staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton in downtown Cedar Rapids. Contact Lisa at lschalla@cfleads.org for registration information and special hotel rates.

Travel Stipends

As our commitment to bringing in a diverse group of ethnic, racial and gender diverse participants from various geographic locations and foundation sizes, CCA offers a limited number of travel stipends for community foundation personnel. You can apply for support here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorships are welcome! At the CCA Gathering in Guadalajara last year, sponsorships enabled us to offer travel stipends to 50% of our participants! This helps us to offer additional interpretation services as needed, additional travel stipends and conference options. Please contact Lisa Schalla at lschalla@cfleads.org for more information. Thank you for believing in cross-country collaboration and learning!