CFLeads announces ELI for VPs 2022-23 cohort

CFLeads announces ELI for VPs 2022-23 cohort

CFLeads is excited to announce the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) for VPs 2022-23 cohort!

ELI for VPs 2022-23 Cohort, San Antonio, TX

The 2022-23 ELI for VPs cohort gathered for their first meeting in December 2022, hosted by the San Antonio Area Foundation. Participants are looking forward to learning more about strategies and techniques that will advance their community leadership skills. When asked about why they are interested in strengthening their foundation’s community leadership practice, one participant noted:

I want to be pushed to think outside of my own constraints and contribute to helping others learn…I look forward to utilizing what I learn conceptually by immediately applying it practically through my role at the community foundation.”

The community foundation executives that make up this cohort are:

Advancing their community leadership practice will serve them well as they work to create peer-to-peer relationships and effectively address issues in their communities.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding executives as they take on this important work!

About CFLeads

The Executive Leadership Institute is a project of CFLeads, the national network of community foundations working together to build strong communities. CFLeads advances community leadership practice, shares knowledge and galvanizes community foundations around the key issues of our time.