Introducing our new web portal Going All In!

Introducing our new web portal Going All In!

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our Igniting the Future Project Findings webinar! We’re excited to share that Going All In, a new web portal informed by those findings, is now live!

Going All In:

A New Resource for the Community Foundation Field

To assist you in your community leadership efforts, we have designed Going All In as a comprehensive digital resource that you can use to find:

  • Key findings from our Igniting the Future survey, completed by 150+ community foundation leaders.
  • More than 90 examples from community foundations across the country who are insisting on racial equity, amplifying community voice and influencing public policy & systems.
  • Promising illustrations from community foundations that have the potential to be adopted by others in the field.
  • Dozens of resources and key organizations to consult, plus questions to consider along your community leadership journey.
  • brief survey for you to let us know how we can best support you as you advance your work.
  • printable summary of the portal content that you can share with your staff and board.

This dynamic web portal documents community foundations’ momentum across three areas that are critical to achieving long-lasting impact around a variety of community issues.

These three areas have emerged from the community foundation field as a roadmap for effective impact. Dive into each one by visiting the links below, and don’t forget to register for our corresponding webinars!

Insisting on Racial Equity

Community foundations focus on achieving racial equity in all aspects of community by reorienting their missions and strategies, taking a leadership role, and striving for greater equity in their internal operations.

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Amplifying Community Voice

Community foundations convene community conversations, elevate resident engagement and power, invest in local journalism, and support the systems and processes that fuel a healthy democracy. 

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Influencing Public Policy & Systems

Community foundations disseminate local research, mobilize stakeholders across sectors and advocate for comprehensive public policy and systems changes that lead to widespread significant results. 

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Have questions? Visit our Overview and our FAQ pages to learn more about ways in which community foundations can further enhance their community leadership to strengthen local outcomes.