Author: Melody MacLean

Nuevos proyectos financiados por la iniciativa BBCA

Cinco fundaciones comunidades en México y los Estado Unidos iniciarán proyectos para el fortalecimiento entre y dentro de comunidades transnacionales por medio de financiación.

Introducing our new web portal Going All In!

This dynamic web portal documents community foundations’ momentum across three areas that are critical to achieving long-lasting impact around a variety of community issues.

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations: Project Findings

Join us this fall as we announce the findings from our Igniting the Future of Community Foundations project!

For the Long Haul: ABFE’s Imperatives for Philanthropy

In support of ABFE and their set of imperatives for philanthropy in responding to anti-Black racism.

Our Collective Responsibility

A statement from CFLeads and from community foundations across the country about our collective responsibility to end systemic racism.