Field Leadership

Field Leadership
The community foundation field in the U.S. includes more than 800 foundations, serving communities of all sizes.
CFLeads is uniquely positioned to provide observations and insights for and about the community foundation field.

By working with hundreds of community foundations across the country, we identify trends, challenges and opportunities that are emerging across the field. We share these insights through a variety of mediums.

A New Era for Community Foundations

Our 2019 New Year’s missive, written by CFLeads President & CEO Deborah Ellwood, reflects on the accomplishments and challenges the community foundation field has faced over the last decade. Deborah shares her hopes for the field moving forward and offers a vision for the future.

We are at a pivotal moment. Community foundations across the country — large and small, urban and rural — are stepping up to lead positive change and we must seize this moment to accelerate that change.
Deborah EllwoodPresident & CEO, CFLeads

Specifically, she writes that now is the time to thoroughly examine the field to get a full picture of the status of community foundations. This examination will help determine what we need to increase our effectiveness and be of even greater value to our communities. We have started this work, alongside leaders in the field, through our Igniting the Future of Community Foundations project.

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Igniting the Future of Community Foundations

Igniting the Future of Community Foundations is a once-in-a-decade project that aims to provide the community foundation field with a fresh but informed perspective on the future role of community foundations.

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