CFLeads Investors Step Up to Respond to COVID-19

CFLeads Investors Step Up to Respond to COVID-19

We’re thrilled to see that all of our community foundation investors across the country have set up COVID-19 response funds, many in partnership with the public sector, businesses, United Ways and other funders.

As we said in our Stepping Up blog post, these funds are a critical first step in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to supporting each of our investors in taking a community leadership approach to the ongoing response, recovery and rebuilding that will need to take place in communities from coast to coast as we move through this pandemic together.

Tune in to our weekly Community Connection in Times of Crisis webinars to hear more about what our community foundation investors and colleagues are doing to move beyond grantmaking and begin to tackle the social, economic and racial inequities that have been drastically amplified as the result of this public health crisis.

Thank you to Candid and Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative for keeping track of all 250+ community foundation response funds that have been established.

Visit our investors’ funds below: 


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